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How to edit 1099's amount and 1099's type in Microsoft Dynamics 365, #D365, #F&O.

If you reported incorrect money amounts and/or selected the wrong 1099 type (NEC, MISC, etc), you would need to edit them before filing 1099 to the IRS.

1. Go to Accounts payable>Periodic tasks>Tax 1099>Vendor settlement for 1099s.

2. Make sure the From date and To date are in the correct date range.

3. Select the radio button (round box) of the vendor whose tax amount you need to edit. In this case, select vendor 00233. Then click on Manual 1099 transactions button.

4. Click on the Edit button on the top left or just simple double click on the amount field (in yellow highlighted). In this case, change the amount to 1050. Change it in both Settled federal 1099 and Settled state 1099 fields.

5. To change the 1099 type, you can change it at the same screen above if that same vendor has the incorrect 1099 type (under the 1099 box field, select the drop down box and select the correct 1099)

or at the vendor list page, click on the 3 dots>Insert columns.

6. Select the 1099 box>Click Apply. This step is to insert the 1099 type into the vendor list page.


1099 box is now inserted into the vendor list page. You can scan through the page and look for vendors whose 1099 type need to be edited.


By Lisa Mai / Microsoft Dynamics F&O / Financial Consultant

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